Searchlight by ¡Ott!™
Searchlight, a photo by ¡Ott!™ on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Stop searching, the light is within you.

New year. Feels fresh.

New York

New York by ¡Ott!™
New York, a photo by ¡Ott!™ on Flickr.

One of my favorites from my last trip to NYC.


Driving by ¡Ott!™ Driving, a photo by ¡Ott!™ on Flickr.

Less is more, never forget that.

So long 2013

2013 was a good year for me, both photography wise and living wise. I hope I get to do exciting things next year, because I’m ready for a shake up, ready to get off my butt and reinvent myself…again.

wpid1484-R0017812.jpgMoonrise of over the parking deck

Snow falls in NJ

It’s almost winter but it feel like its already here.  Waking up on a dark cold morning is rough, but I’m lucky to have a warm bed.


We humans spend so much time complaining about petty things. If its not too hot, then its too cold.


We’re never satisfied. It’s never enough.

Then one day, when we lay dying, we might catch a glimpse of the majesty of life if we’re lucky. We realized how simple and pure it really is, but by then it’s too late.


Too late.

Save yourself, before its too late.